Light Card Slider Animation

Hello, I recently borked my system and had to reinstall HA. The brightness slider in the card for a light (I only have one light to try) seems to have an animation now? Turning the light on/off is instant and it doesn’t seem to respond to the transition setting, rather there’s something ‘manually’ stepping the brightness to whatever I actually requested.

It’s current speed is pretty slow/annoying. Id like to speed it up significantly or just disable it entirely to make it behave as it was.

Welcome to the community! What light card and light brand are you using?

Im just using the default card from the default overview, I haven’t done any customizing yet. The bulb is a Sengled W41-N15A

Ive done some tinkering but havent been able to figure anything out. Its only the brightness slider that’s affected, every other control doesnt have this behavior.

Ive made a recording demonstrating this:

Is the bulb connected via WiFi? It seems to be a signal strength issue.

It is connected over wifi, but I dont think there’s a connectivity issue. While my router isnt near the bulb, my phone and laptop report full strength in the room and the bulb responds quickly to pings. (Im not sure how to directly ask the bulb for its signal strength)

This isnt just happening in the UI, the bulb is stepping through brightness levels in time with the changes in the UI, but im not sure how to record that.

Also, it has been working fine for months. All im doing differently now is using a different distro on my host, but HA is running in a docker container so I dont think thats super relevant.

Oh, my bad. I should’ve looked at the opened issues over at the matter server repo.
#113775 describes my issue.

Thanks anyways

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