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I was reading the light documentation, and in it is mentioned that you can add effects such as colorloop or random. So I was wondering are there more effects you can choose from?

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the effects depend on the brand of your bulb. For instance, I have LIFX and Yeelight bulbs, and LIFX does not support yeelight effects (and vice-versa).

So you should check the specific component for your bulb. Also, you can see a list of the various effects available for your bulb if you click on the light in the frontend.

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Ok thanks, suppose the limitlessLed has none then.

I have a xiaomi yeelight and want to use a random effect with the push of a button. Tried nearly everything but nothing seems to work. individual effects work just fine!

  effect: {{ (['Disco','Slow Temp','Strobe epilespy!','Strobe color','Alarm','Police','Police2','Christmas','RGB','Random Loop','Fast Random Loop','Slowdown','WhatsApp','Facebook','Twitter','Stop']|random) }}

Hope someone can help me with this issue?

anyone, would be very appreciated…

Hi @bramschats

Use this:

  effect: '{{ (["Disco", "Slow Temp", "Strobe epilespy!", "Strobe color", "Alarm", "Police", "Police2", "Christmas", "RGB", "Random Loop", "Fast Random Loop", "Slowdown", "WhatsApp", "Facebook", "Twitter", "Stop"] | random) }}'
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Yes, now it works, thank you!

Is there any good reason why Effect dropdown is displayed only when the light is turned on? It seems logical that an effect may be applied when the light is still off. Possibly it deserves opening a bug?



Also Interessen for the dropdown menu out of the light entity.

Could link it to a conditional card, to only make it visible when the light is on.

Also see:

I think i) showing the Effect dropdown list and ii) actually applying it to lights are two different things.

i) A dropdown list with the same effects as the light can be set with an input select. Then have an automation calling service light.turn_on with the states.input_select.effect_list if it was changed manually.

ii) It is unlikely to be able to turn on a light with a chosen effect (unless it is supported by hardware) as most lights turn on with the last known state (that is, if “Rainbow” was used prior to turning off, it should have the same effect when turning on). There will be a little flickering if the settings for light turn_off are different than light turn_on (a little workaround would be to set brightness at 1 before turning it off so that when turning on it will be again at 1 and the transition to desired brightness can then be set separately).

Philips Hue has recently introduced the option as “Power loss recovery” and last week also a custom setting when turning on (haven’t yet tested, however I think that it is tied to the Hue mobile app).

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how do i do this without code… i have hue lights i want to add these effects to.