Light Entity Card for DT6 RGBW single channel DALI Driver

Hello all,
i tried over and over to integrate DT8 RGBW Dali Controller into my Merten KNX DALI Gateway, but it wont work together - and the light-entity-card seems to need exact 1 address to work for RGB. i also have some DT6 RGB Controller but they use 3 different addresses to switch the color on and off. So my question Is now: is there any solution out there, how i can integrate the RGBW Single addresses of my DaliDriver to use the color wheel in the light-entity-card to keep down the WAL (wife acceptance level)?
Or is there any other option i can use?
Thank you

You seem to be mixing a lot of things up here :grimacing:

Afaik there is no direct way to communicate with DALI from HA. So you will have to go via KNX.

The frontend (card) doesn’t care at all how your KNX entities are defined.

The KNX integration does only use KNX - if you have a DALI gateway, that is fine, but transparent for KNX. So if your DALI gateway doesn’t support your lights - there is nothing you can do on KNX side. I’d recommend reading the gateways manual or contacting their support.

Yes there is. See the KNX integration documentation. rgbw_address

The 60s are over. Please try to be inclusive.

This is not a “share project” or “Frontend” question - maybe fix the thread tags.

Thank you @farmio for your information.
I think i was not exact enough writing my question here cause i was so mad that i do not get this to run. The link you sent is exactly what i found weeks ago by searching something else but didnt find it for this anymore.
To my setup, you are right, i configured all my light already (around 20 DT6 devices) in the DALI Gateway, gave them a KNX address and used them via HA. But now i wanted to install some DT8 RGBW Dali driver to use the colorwheel and save some DALI addresses, updated (together with the manufacturer) the Gateway to the newest version so that it could work. But the only thing is, they work with “scences” absolute correct, which i cant give a knx address so its also not possible to add them into HA. When i use the KNX Groupmonitor and use the defined KNX address (4byte 251.600) then the driver give always different colors and white as i send to the bus. The Manufacturer do not have any clue anymore so i want to change back again to DT6 Singleaddresses per channel in RGBW to integrate this into HA, Lightentitycard colorwheel.
IF the setup is working with the link you sent me, then am happy.
Well, and the Wife Acceptance Level is just a fun fact, cause my wife ask me all the time why we need all this nerdy stuff and i invest so much time and money - she could just switch the light on and off by switch. Even she is the one who is using the HA more than me. :smiley: so if i do not get it done soon, she will install the RGB strip manually - what i do not want!

I will give it a try with the KNX RGB configuration. thanks a lot