Light Group: Add entity list of entities in group

When using the regular group function and adding a bunch of lights to a group you get a list of each entity in the group at the bottom. This makes it easy to create a nice and clean GUI where you can add for example you’re different rooms as groups, then add all the lights in them to the group. Enabeling you to either turn on all lamps in the group, or click on the group and choose the turn on a specific lamp.

This function is not present on the Light Group which. Using the normal group instead leaves out a bunch of other nice features like getting the correct icon (lamp icon) which changes color depending on the brightness/color. And you are not able to use the customizer UI “plugin” to add a slider to control the brightness directly from the GUI.

It would be realy nice if the entity list could be added to the light group, added a couple of pictures below incase my description didnt explain it good enough.

Normal group:


Light group: