Light group - control devices in group based on state

Please add the functionality of controlling devices in group based on state. Ie - using slider-btn-card with light group to adjust dimness of those light devices with state “on” and not turn on all lights (at set %). It just makes sense. Hopefully in future integration.

With a light group you can control the brightness using the light turn on service (as well as the lights individually if they support dimming).

I am getting you are have an issue maybe with a particular card

rather that the light group.

If that is a custom card, you need to do an issue with the repo/code owner of that software.

The goal is to use slider-button-card with light group to dim with slider only lights with state “on”. The slider works to adjust light % of ALL lights in group. I want to be able to dim lights that are on, but it turns on all lights. Card developer said this is due to limitation with ha light group integration.

The light group makes all the lights into 1 light. That is what they are saying.
You would have to template that to look at what lights are on individually and set the brightness on just those.
There may be a blueprint in the exchange for that, worth looking. However the base function of a light group is to treat all the lights as one light, so there are no individuals, making what you ask impossible on an architecture basis.
Other than a blueprint, making other groups of the set that is usually on at the point you want to dim could also work.

Yes, groups treat multiple devices as 1. But it would make sense for only devices that are on receive commands (except for light.turn_on). IE - you dont need to send light.turn_off to light thats already off. I actually believe that this may be easy than you think (for seasoned devs, not myself). Creating automation based on device state seems fairly easy. Hopefully in future version. I could not find blueprint. Thanx4input

This may possibly modifying async_update_group_state in

Is it possible to copy (modified) into custom_components/group/ to override?

It’s not the intended behavior. If one of the lights in the group is on and I want all the lights on, the lights are on. Intended behavior is the light group is just a light to everything else.

Look I have nothing to do with implementation here, I’m just passing on my experience as to what someone would get when they did a PR with this. It is very likely to not happen, and you are going to be referred to one of the alternatives.

I appreciate your comments. I’m less concerned with on/off of light group. But in async_update_group_state does check for valid states of lights in group before setting new attributes so think it may be possible. I accept that this probably won’t be implemented so I’m curious to know if I can override default light group with custom_component. Do you know if this is possible?

I’m sure you could write something like a component or an integration or a python_script or an appdaemon do that, or just use one of the 2 much simpler methods I provided within the framework.

Whatever works for you is fine with me.

Always remember the xy problem, though…