Light group has no actions nor states

Hi folks,

i am struggling setting up a light group.

I have 3 Träfri bulbs and want to control them together.

I have set up a light group in the configuration.yaml

# Wohnzimmer Licht Gruppe
    platform: group
    name: Wohnzimmer Licht
      - light.wohnzimer_1
      - light.wohnzimer_2
      - light.wohnzimer_3

I put a button to my Lovelace Dashboard but it says ‘not available’. I can neither turn it on or of nor can I change the brightness.

Any idea where I went wrong?

What i see is Wohnzimmer und Wohzmmr. A missing letter. :wink:

Unfortunately this was just the label :smiley:
So the problem is still there… :-/

Double check your entity_ids for the lights you want to group under Developer Tools → states

I think it should be light.wohnzimmer_x with a double m not light.wohnzimer_x

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Damn it… you’re right…
Should clean my glasses…

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And that is two… computers do not like typo’s :stuck_out_tongue: