Light Group Issue

So I have an issue that popped up a few updates ago. I have a light group of 3 RGBW bulbs. These bulbs are flashed with Tasmota. The bulbs will respond perfectly to color changes via the UI, however when I click on “White” nothing happens. Anyone else have this issue or fix? I am on 2021.7.3. and Tasmota 9.5.0 Screen Shot

If I manually switch all the lights in the group to white via Tasmota. HA will recognize this change and reflect so via the UI. However adjusting the white slider on the HA UI is only sending the “ON” command without any dimmer information. Screen Shot

I posted this on Reddit and seems others are having this same issue.

same issue, where’s the link to your new post?

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My Reddit post?

How are they integrated? MQTT auto discovery or the Tasmota integration? Apparently only the latter will work correctly now.

They all use Tasmota Integration. Color change options work fine, it’s just the switch to white that won’t work.

Just updated newest core today, still the same issue.