Light group not going on simultaneously

I created a light group of philips Hue bulb’s but when i turn on this group they are not going on simultaneously but one by one.

Is there anything I can change to have them al go on together?

 - platform: group
   name: group_bureau
     - light.bureau_plafond_1
     - light.bureau_plafond_2
     - light.bureau_plafond_3
     - light.bureau_plafond_4


first, how much delay are we talking about?
second or millisecond?
depending on the distance and if the information passes by enough node it can have a slight delay
(like max 0.5 sec)

Also are the lights pair to a hue bridge or directly via zigbee to home assistant?

If yo hue hub then consider calling a zone or room directly to bridge as it will prevent popcorn effect

Zigbee-based lights should be combined into Zigbee groups in whatever Zigbee integration you are using instead of the Light Group integration. Doing so has the benefit of more in sync actions and reduced Zigbee traffic.

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That would indeed be the problem thanks