Light group shows as "unavailable"

I’m trying to control multiple outlet plugs (Sonoff S31 Lite) by having a single entity that controls them. I’ve converted the outlet plugs into lights and then created a light group. The light group entity does appear but it shows as “unavailable”. I’ve done this for other plugs and wall switches with success but I’m running into this issue only for this group.

I’m following the same process that I’ve followed to create other light groups. I looked at the Logs but there is nothing regarding the “Scented Lamps” group. Is there something that I’m missing that I should look into?


Converting outlet plugs into lights


New light group


Light entities work individually but the light group is unavailable

Can you check the newly created entity_id in Developer Tools?
Maybe it’s called light.entrance_scent_top, not light.10012d040a.


Oh wow that was it thank you! I was under the impression that converting a switch to a light would keep the same entity name unless a unique_id was selected. I understand how it works now. But still, idk how I was still oblivious to the entity name change when I added the switches to the entities card :man_facepalming: