Light group turning on when any of its members become unavailable

Hello HA people,

It’s as the title really → I have a light group that I’ve created through the GUI, but it is mistakenly turning itself on when one of my lights becomes unavailable.

The behavior I’d like to see is the group turning on when any of its lights are on, and off when any of them are off. A light that is unavailable should be assumed to be off.

Thanks in advance for your help

Do your bulbs have a startup behaviour ?


I’d check they aren’t set to ‘on’

I’m wondering if unavailable is then causing the start up behaviour to kick in. But not 100% sure on that.

I don’t seem to have this option for my bulbs:

Thats the wrong screen to be looking in.

Go to settings > Devices & services then assuming you are using ZHA, click here:-


Then click on the light in question.