Light group turns back on, but lights stay off

Hi all,

I have Halo RL5601 bulbs around my house. They’re connected to Home Assistant with the Zigbee Home Automation integration and a ConBee II USB stick. I’ve created a bunch of groups. Everything generally works ok, but I’ve noticed the state of a group (or even an individual entity) doesn’t always reflect the state of the light. For example, I have a group that includes all the lights on the first floor. It’s 18 or so lights. When I turn that group off, the lights will turn off, but the group will frequently turn itself back on. I’m also using the Adaptive lighting integration from @basnijholt, so, if I turn the group off, some of the lights will turn themselves back on when Adaptive Lighting updates. If I turn the group off several times it will eventually stay, and I believe that will prevent Adaptive Lighting from turning things back on, but I’m not sure. I typically turn both the lights and the Adaptive Lighting integration off when turning everything off.

I have some of the lights in multiple groups (e.g. first floor and kitchen), and very well may have made some other rookie mistake, but it’s a bit annoying.

I’ve also tried searching for this (I can’t be the only one with this problem), but don’t seem to get any results. I’m not sure if that means I’m using the wrong terminology, or if there’s an obvious setting that I’ve gotten wrong.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Anyone have any suggestions? Debugging suggestions are also welcome.

That is probably because HA did not receive confirmation in time that the lights are indeed off.

You can try this in configuration.yaml :

      assumed_state: false  
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Interesting I have to try that out myself! @kivid did it work for you?

I have the same issue and tried that solution. Didn’t work though :frowning:

It appears that HA triggers a turn on event at the exact same time as the turn off event is triggered: