Light Group - weird behavior - is it on or off?

Hi all

I’ve just bought 3x smart bulbs for the ‘wall lights’ in the living room. They are all setup with Tuya and they all work within the app.

I added them to HA and, individually, they all worked as expected.

Then I popped them in a group:

  - platform: group
    name: Wall Lights
      - light.wall_light_1
      - light.wall_light_2
      - light.wall_light_3

and created a button

type: button
  action: toggle
entity: light.wall_lights

and, well, it sort of sometimes works.

Sometimes the button will turn on/off the lights, other times it just does one or two and other times it does nothing at all.

So out of curiosity I added an entities card

type: entities
 - entity: light.wall_lights
 - entity: light.wall_light_1
 - entity: light.wall_light_3
 - entity: light.wall_light_2

(yes not in order, my bad)

And it shows weird behavior.

Like right now, all the lights are on but the entities shows


if I where to say, toggle Wall Light 2 at this stage (noting that it is currently on)

Then it does this


and bounces back to it’s off position.

if I try it again, it does the same, stays “on” but turns the light off.

SO it’s almost like it’s confused asto if the light is on or off.

So I deleted the tuya integration, rebooted, re-installed tuya and… no change in it’s behavior.

Any ideas?

It’s your hardware. It’s not reporting the correct state. This confuses home assistant.

Well that is what I was thinking. But Alexa has no issues, Tuya app has no issues, it’s literally just HA that has an issue with them :confused: