Light group with ZHA bulbs and WLED strips not changing colour


I have 4 Hue bulbs connected through ZHA.
I also have 2 SK6812 LED strips connected through WLED.
Everything works as expected when controlling these lights separately.

However, I then created a light group with the ZHA and WLED lights for use in an automation. Although I am able to turn on/off all lights and set the brightness of this group fine, when I try and change the colour, only the WLED strips actually respond. The Hue ZHA bulbs just stay the same colour.

If I create an automation and add the ZHA group and WLED light group as separate entities, then everything works fine, colour changes and all, but then I get issues with toggling the lights depending on which ones are on at the time.

I think the issue may stem from the fact that the WLED strips are RGBW whereas the Hue bulbs are not. There are also other inconsistencies, such as the ZHA bulbs showing a colour temperature option, whereas the WLED strips do not.


I use light-entity-card in my dashboard, and weirdly with this card I can control the light group perfectly, colours and all. I’ve attached a video to show what I’m talking about. On the right hand side is the default home assistant button, and on the left is the custom light-entity-card.

Bedroom lights is the combined group, Ceiling lights are the Hue ZHA, and Strip lights are WLED.

As you can see, when using the default colour picker, only the strip lights change. But with the custom card, everything changes colour fine. Obviously this does not help with automations

Not sure what else to try, any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Ok figured out that you need to send the colour commands in Hue/Sat format, which is why the custom card worked…it used a hs colour wheel. Able to get my automations working now.

Would be nice to use the default colour picker to control the colour though, guess that’s not possible unless you can somehow change it to send hs colors