Light groups don't work


I’m trying to make my first light group and cant make it to work.
The light group is always unavailable
Can someone help me with this?

This is my lights file:

  - platform: wiz_light
    name: light.hall
  - platform: wiz_light
    name: light.bed_center
  - platform: wiz_light
  - platform: group
    name: all_lights
      - light.bed_center
      - light.hall

Did you restart HA?

Yes i did :smiley:

I’ve seen that on startup sometimes until one light reports something. I’ve never opened an issue, but I’m guessing it happens when the light group is created before all of the lights are available.

Can i delay creating the group or force the light to report something at boot?

are you sure all the lights in the group are available ?
Seems there is a bug.

Yes Im quite sure:

okay. Check if the group comes up when you reloading them by clicking on Groups, Groups Entities and Notify Services in Configuration → Server Controls.

Sadly no. I already tried this.

Than I believe delaying the group creation would not change a thing.
Is there something in the log?

Only something from adaptive lightning addon. But it didn’t work before I installed it.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/config/custom_components/adaptive_lighting/", line 1228, in turn_on_off_event_listener
entity_ids = cv.ensure_list_csv(service_data[ATTR_ENTITY_ID])
KeyError: 'entity_id'

I made a fix bug request

Problem is how you named your lights in your entity definition:

- platform: wiz_light
    name: light.hall

The name field should be a human readable name like “Hall”. HA will then create an entity_id of light.hall. You have effectively created an entity_id of light.light.hall which HA probably wouldn’t accept because of the second period. If I had to guess I would say that the actual entity_id created was light.light_hall. Since no entities were created with the name light.hall etc, there are no valid entities for the group you create. That is why it’s showing as unavailable.

The correct definition would be:

- platform: wiz_light
    name: Hall

That would give you a light with entity_id of light.hall that would then match entities being referenced in the group.

But the single lamps work, all of them. Just the group is unavailable ok.

Also i changed to adding wiz lights with the wiz light integratnion not yaml file and this didnt help

But You did help. HA was adding the light. before every entity

I had to change the group definition to:

  - platform: group
    name: Lights All
      - light.light_bed_center
      - light.light_hall
      - light.light_kitchen