Light groups missing dim/temp controls?

hey all!

I’m not sure how long this has been missing for (or maybe it was never there? …gulp) but I don’t seem to have the ‘dim’ and ‘temperature’ controls for a group of lights any longer, only the ability to switch them on/off:

hassio-0.75.3 and my groups.yaml looks like so:

    name: main_lounge_lights
      - light.bulb_3_lounge
      - light.bulb_4_lounge
      - light.bulb_5_lounge
      - light.bulb_6_lounge
      - light.bulb_7_lounge
      - light.bulb_8_lounge

or am i crazy?

I think you should try a Light Group instead of a regular group.

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ahhh yes - that looks like what I am after - thanks!