Light Icon (svg) placement

I’m testing a simple light bulb on my floorplan svg card. The lightbulb svg should only turn on and off the light. I’ve so imported the lightbulb into my background svg, given the right id and then uploaded to my HA setup. It works, and the bulb changes correctly color pressing it, but strange is, the icon is not placed in the middle of the room, instead in the top left corner of the image. Ideas why?

Here the code:

  image: /local/community/lovelace-floorplan/xefilhome/xefilhometest.svg?v=1.1.14
  log_level: error
    - action:
        service: homeassistant.toggle
      element: light.dimmer_switch_15
      entity: light.dimmer_switch_15
      image_template: >-
      more_info: false
title: XefilHome TEST
type: 'custom:floorplan-card'

Thanks a lot!


Hello, no suggestions or hints? :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m testing now a simple svg with a circle and a bulb. The circle is part of the svg, the bulb is linked to the bulb item, by name/id, but in this case, as well, when the page is loaded, the bulb is automatically placed in the top left corner… please ideas?