Light in deCONZ doesn´t work in HA

I do have problem with one lightbulb. First time when I added the light it worked for some few minutes, after that it became inactive. After that I have deleted and added it again. I can see the light in deCONZ and I turn it on/off there.

But in the deCONZ integration in HA its set as inactive and not available. What can I do to make this light to work?

I can see the light in the core.device_registry and there it looks the same as for light_6 that is working.

Now it has kind of happened again. From this morning until now in the evening I have lost one Aqara sensor.

This time it is “not reachable” in deCONZ.

Is it likely that the sensor is broken or the it´s lost in the system? Yesterday the battery was around 90% so it cannot be lost because of power failure.