Light in HA for status but prevent to change the status


I have included my ventilation system that is controlled by 3 powers from an IHC model into my Home Assistant configuration. It is working fine but I would like those 3 buttons (that are for the power) to be shown in HA for the status of the ventilation but I don’t want to be able to chenage the status in HA. In fact this is automatic and if wife or kids mess up with this, it could break the ventilation system. For example, if they turn on the 3 powers at the same time, this would break the system. But still, I would like to see if ventilation is on power 1 2 or 3.

Can this be done? Can you say Home Assistant that it needs to be imported as a status only like a temperature sensor but this would be 1 or 0.

Yeah, hide the switches and create 3 binary_sensors that mirror the state of the switches, display the binary sensors on your dashboard where the switches used to be.

ok, will try that

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