Light Level Sensor

I have a requirement to use a light level sensor to detect nightfall. After some digging around it appears that the IKEA Tradfri PIR sensor has a light level sensor built in. I have a spare one I decided to use.

I manage to pair the sensor with home assistant and it shows up in my list of devices and it detects motion. However there is nothing else shown against this device ie no battery level for example.

Am I wasting my time with this device and should I buy a dedicated light level detector?


If it is this device, link below, than IMHO you are wasting your time with it. I don’t even Ikea know what or how the ‘light sensor’ is/does in this device.

2nd link below is a device that you might want to have a look at, devices for light level really are specific to your use case.

Good hunting!

Indeed on both cases. The light level detection is not really usable.