Light not turning on after firmware update

I’ve had some tags saying an update is available for my devices in ESPHome.


I clicked the Upload button to do the update on one of my lights and now the light no longer comes online. It also doesn’t work by flicking the physical light switch off and on. The logs say that the upload compiled and uploaded successfully so I’m not sure what could have gone wrong.


Any ideas?

The logs continue after that point. What do they say?

The logs from ESPHome basically said it was failing to connect to the light. I’ve since tried restarting ESPHome and HA to see if it would pick up but no dice. Logs in ESPHome were similar to below. It just kept retrying to connect to the light. Probably should have left it trying, but it wasn’t looking like it was going to succeed.

My lights all have static IPs, and it’s not showing on my network when I log into my router either.

And does it connect after that? How long did you wait?

Still hasn’t connected to the wifi. Probably waited a good 15 - 20 mins before i restarted ESP and HA after the update.

And did you watch the log the whole time?

Yep, nothing else showed up besides trying to connect to the wifi.

I’m leaning towards bricked seeing the light doesn’t even turn on with the physical switch. Just not sure how it would be, seeing the flash seemed to be successful.