Light Profile .csv

Can someone explain how to format the light profiles csv works?

I am trying to achieve my lounge lamp always turn on at 75% brightness unless otherwise set. The bulb is a hue that has no ability to change colour temp. I have tried to follow the instructions online, but can’t get it to work.

The light profiles csv is in the same folder as config.ymal and I have this code so far.


Anyone able to help?


I have also been trying to figure this out without any luck. Currently I use a blueprint called “Default turn-on brightness and color temperature for light(s)”, it works but I rather want to change something in a config file than creating automations.

Please let me know if you find a solution with the csv file.

I have looked all over the place, with very little luck, however will keep trying and will let you know!!


You need to supply a valid value for the X/Y color values even if your light doesn’t support colors. They will just be ignored. Only the transition value is optional.

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This is old thread but I have not found much other info about this.

The correct format for header is:


Do not use the example above eg. profile,color_x etc. (maybe things changed since now?)

Here is my working light_profiles.csv which sets my lights to 5000K and 65%
*Must restart home assistant after editing.


I determined the correct x,y values by first setting color temp to 5000K then reading the x,y back in developer tools, states.

Also seems to only affect with a turn_on… calling service to turn_on with a color or brightness etc. bypasses this so can make scenes still.

I’ve been struggling with this on and off for ages. All I want is to set lights to a preferred colour and brightness when turned on, rather than whatever values they were turned off at.

Here’s my light_profiles.csv contents (which is in same folder as config.yaml).



but it just comes on at whatever colour and brightness it was went it was turned off.

I am using scenes but it’s not ideal.

Would really appreciate some guidance.