Light scheduler node confusion (Node-RED)

I’m using the Light Scheduler node (node-red-contrib-light-scheduler). I have it set to come on at 0630 and off at 2300, refer to the attached screenshot.

But I only want the associated lights on when it’s dark outside. I live in a high northern latitude so sunrise ranges between 5am and 8am, and sunset from 4pm to 10pm (difference due to daylight savings).

This time of year the lights should definitely be coming on at 0630 since sunrise is so late. But they’re not coming on until around sunrise (0750). I have the “Dusk/Dawn” dropdown set to “Only when dark” and prior to today I had threshold = “+0 - Sunrise/Sunset”. I just changed that setting to “-6 Civil Dawn”, but this has me wondering: instead of one long “ON” block from 0630 to 2300, should I have a morning block and a separate evening block and set dusk/dawn thresholds accordingly?