Light Status Not Updating When Using a Z2M Bound Switch

Hi all,

I would like to get all the IKEA Tradfri bulbs (GU10) to update their status in Home Assistant when I use the remotes for them (I’m using both IKEA switches: the 5-button remote and the on/off switch.

When I control these lights in HA, their status updates immediately. However when I use the remotes, no dice! I’ve bound each remote to a single unique light groups and have the light groups set up in both HA and Zigbee2MQTT. I don’t run any automations with the remotes; they’re paired as devices and control the lights by being bound to them. I don’t have the IKEA gateway either, only using the CC2531stick with source firmware.
This has always been something I’ve noticed, so nothings changed, but now I’ve gotten most of my bits setup I’m trying to iron out the creases!

In certain rooms I have Hue bulbs controlled by the Hue Dimmer switch - they are setup in the same way but without the problems. When I power-on the lights using the HUE switch, HA updates the status instantly.

I’ve seen a few topics like this one but Z2M throws an error when I try to reconfigure the bulbs (as is a suggested solution to this), and the topics all seem to focus on ZHA rather than Z2M. I’ve also seen ControllerX suggested as a solution too.

Ideally, I’d like to get them working without adding extra bits and bobs to HA so any help would be hugely appreciated.

Everything is up to date too, including HA. I’m running it on a Raspberry Pi 4B with 4GB RAM. I’ve tried to include everything relevant from the ‘How to Help Us Help You’ guide but shout if there’s anything extra I can provide :slight_smile: And a huge thanks in advance!

Were you ever able to solve this? I have the exact same issue, but can’t figure out how to fix it.

I have two Sengled bulbs, each with a single Lutron Aurora remote bound to them. When I control the lights via HA, the state updates immediately, but when I change them using the Auroras, nothing is updated inside HA. It also appears that the MQTT state topic is never updated by the remotes, so I’m not really sure if it’s a Z2M issue, or an HA one :thinking:

I did! I’m not sure what worked precisely but I removed the bind between the remote and the group in Z2M - then re-binding worked for some. For others I needed to delete the group in Z2M then re-create it, then bind to the new group.

I’m not sure why it started working, but hope this helps you!