Light strip under microwave?

  • Leave it as is
  • Put them under microwave

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Recently installed light strips. Wife likes them but asked why they arent under the microwave. From what I’ve seen, they usually arent put under there, correct? I dont know there a specific reason they shouldent be mounted under there, such as cooking oils, smoke etc from stove, or is it just asthetics?

Whats the opinion here? Should I put them under there? I feel like it may throw the look off if now, only the the sink area is dark.

That is probably the place I would put most light.
At least two strips, perhaps three or four and have the ability to switch the light level.

But I guess it depends on how much cooking you do.

radiated heat from the range can get hot enough to straight up melt the the plastic housing around the light strip

Ha! Good joke. Ok back to reality…

You will not get 200+ degrees Celsius there. That would mean you would get burns on your skin from cooking.
That is not generally happening.

Need light above stove.
Helps to cook. Pain when light source behind you and shadow over cooking area