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Hi, yesterday i posted post, where I asked for cheaper alternative to philips hue wall switch. One guy told me, to use shelly, but as i found out, shelly need live wire, but i have weird wiring in house and out of wall is coming only neutral, so does anybody know some cheaper hardware then hue wall switch that run on battery can send to HA data if its light switch on/off. (I have zigbee stick)


Do you already have a smart bulb installed?

If yes, and having in mind that you are using zigbee, you could control it with any zigbee button/rocker.
I have a few Aqara wireless double rockers: Xiaomi Aqara D1 Wall Switch Smart Zigbee Wireless Key Light Remote Control Zero Line Fire Wire Switch With /NO Neutral Mi Home|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress

Lots of options look for out “Wireless Switch Double Button”.

I also have a few Sonoff Zigbee Buttons: Sonoff Zigbee Smart Home Wireless Ultra low Energy Wall Light Switch One Button Three Actions Work With Google Home Alexa|Home Automation Modules| - AliExpress

Both support single, double and hold events, and you are able to control not only smart lights, but also any smart switch, script, scene with them.

If you need to “smartify” a dumb light fixture, well, you either change the fixture to allow a smart bulb OR, you install a shelly/sonoff mini: 1 10 Pcs SONOFF MINIR2 Wifi Mini Switch Timer Wireless Switches Smart Home Automation Compatible with eWelink Alexa Google Home|Home Automation Modules| - AliExpress

I have a few of those too. I do too have a weird electric installation, so ended up installing them on the ceiling, on the light fixture hole itself, instead of behing the light switch as it’s supposed to.
The benefit of this device (I have the Sonoff, but the Shelly works the same way) is that it allows you to use your current dumb switch to control de lights, and you can use ANY other smart switch (the ones above) to turn it on/off too.

I want make from dumbswitch smartswitch, wihout needing 220/120

I have seen people replacing their wall switch with a dumb plate, and sticking an ikea E1743 on top of it.

Maybe you might want to try these? No neutral wire needed and no bothering with capacitors. Just swap your old dumb switches with these Moes House ZigBee Wall Touch Smart Light Switches. They are connecting flawlessly to Zigbee2MQTT, no Tuya Hub needed.

Not sure why you have opened a new thread, please keep an ongoing discussion in one thread.

What you are looking for is general called a remote controller or a scene controller, not a switch as it is not switching a current, merely sending a message to home assistant to do something.

As you have a zigbee setup, I suggest you look here. Database of Zigbee devices compatible with ZHA, Tasmota, Zigbee2MQTT, deCONZ, ZiGate and ioBroker

I have the 6 button version of this, but the two button version would do for one light and have spare capacity. Xiaomi Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 2 Button (WXCJKG11LM) Zigbee compatibility

Battery powered, sticks on the wall, and the controller bit can detach so as easily get lost (or better still be there when you are on the sofa).