Light switch cover - so I can replace with Ikea switch

Hi there.

I have installed a smart light in my kitchen, which I now control with an Ikea (Styrbar) switch, rather than the master switch.

The problem - I have had to stick the Zigbee switch right next to the master switch for easy access.

This is causing problems as my family and visitors keep touching the master switch, which now needs to be left always on.

Are there any covers that fit over regular light switches, that I can then stick the Styrbar on top?

All I would need would be plain plastic box but I cannot quite find anything that will do the job.

I 3D printed some, that screw over existing uk switches using the original screws. They have a slot in them so that you can use the switch with a ‘key’ that fits in the switch cover should you ever need to use the switch.

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I replaced all the light switches in my house with these :

Perfect solution for a smart house :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys - that link seems to be exactly the thing I am after.

Am I thinking that it is essentially a replacement light switch that is flat?

I cannot quite work out why there is a tiny slit in the button - is that cosmetic or functional?


It is a replacement flat light switch. The slot is for a key so you can flip it from on to off/off to on. The key comes in the package. I have a drawer full of these keys :wink: I only need to use them if for some reason one of my smart bulbs “hangs” and needs a reboot (very rare). Also comes in useful if you have to replace a bulb and need to get it into pairing mode!

You are a star - thanks so much.

Exactly what I am after!

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