Light Switch Sensor / Adapter

TL;DR Anyone know of a hardwired sensor that will report a wall switch state to HA?

I swapped out a dumb light fixture in my house for a Zigbee one a few months ago. Everything is working great, but my wife doesn’t like having to press a button and misses having the old manual switch on the wall.

Since the box and the wiring are still there, I was thinking that I could put the switch back in place and just use it as a trigger in HA. But I can’t find any device that will connect to the switch and report it’s state. I tried a Sonoff ZBMINI (which I use in other parts of the house), but the switch sensor seems to only be used internally to toggle the relay not reported back to HA.

I don’t want the switch to turn the power to the light on/off, as the light controller needs to stay on 24/7 so it can be controlled by HA. I just need a hardwired sensor that will see the state change in the switch and report back to HA.

Anyone know of pre-made hardware that would do something like this? I know I can build something in ESPHome, but for both safety and simplicity, I’d rather just buy a pre-made unit. I’d prefer something Zigbee, but am open to Z-Wave or HA-friendly wifi as well.

Was reading in another thread about the ZBMINI and apparently the Shelly 1 can do something like what I’m wanting, either natively (using the Shelly integration) or via flashing with ESPHome.

I (and it sounds like others) would prefer a Zibgee solution, as this seems more set-in-and-forget-it, so if anyone knows of anything, please chime in.

Shelly plus i4 has four sensors and no relay

Thanks, @Hellis81
Unfortunately, this is still isn’t Zigbee and in my case the extra sensors don’t really have a use. But I can see this being handy if you wanted to smarten a whole row of switches, like in a hallway or entryway.

So is ZigBee a requirement or not?

Either way it will solve your issue since it will give you a sensor (as I have understood the product) in HA that will switch when you switch the old switch.
This can the be used in an automation to toggle the smart light

I posted this just a few minutes before you posted about the Shelly Plus i4. But maybe it wasn’t live when you were reading the thread, so apologies for any confusion.