Light Switch - Zooz/Inovelli now or wait for Thread-enabled?

Not in a hurry but finally interested in upgrading our dumb Leviton dimmers to smart switches. I had gotten it down to Zooz or Inovelli as I have some products from the former and both seem to have very good integrations with HA and Node-Red.

However, I also have a HomePod Mini and am starting to wonder if I’m better off waiting on thread-enabled switches to come to market. Not a fan of the look of Eve but Lutron Caseta supposedly may come out with them too.

Is there any info on how HA might integrate with thread? Will this require a dongle on my Pi4 like Zwave and Zigbee or will it act via an end router on the network like the HomePod Mini (though hasn’t that been historically more closed down?)

Anyway, if you had to choose a solid switch to run recessed LED lights, would you choose a Zooz? Inovelli? Or wait on a thread-enabled one?


Lutron Caseta already works with HomeKit. There won’t be any Lutron devices using Thread for communications likely ever. Lutron uses their own proprietary Clear Connect protocol which is actually awesome.

For lighting I always recommend Lutron over any of the other technologies. Nothing else is a stable, reliable and bonus with Lutron you get Pico remotes.

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