Light switch

Hi, I have led strip that work with HA plugged in wall outlet. I want when i turn on my light switch to turn on led strip, something like philips hue wall switch, but cheaper, i live in EU, SK

When asking questions about hardware like this it is important to tell us which country you live in. As this affects the available options.

I live in EU, SK,
when it is not necessary I would like not to have to use a new smart light switch

TBH I don’t understand your need. It seems you already have led strip integrated with HA.
So what else you need?

I could suugest Shelly product familly, in most cases to be mounted behind wallswitch.
rgb controller must be mounted close to strip with additional power supply. but still allow to turn on/off the strip (not controller) using physical wallswitch

simply, I need to find out if the light switch is on / off and send that data to HA

then check out

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Sorry when I am asking dump questions, but can i make in HA automations: when is light switch off then something and when is light switch on then something with shelly?

you can make automations either based on input state or switch state, or power usage or… All available data you can get or send to those devices are described in Shelly API docs.

Thank you so much!