Light Switches?

Hi Guys

I would like to ask your advice, i have a sonoff light switch that controls a yealight smart bulb. It takes home assistant about a minute to register that the smart light is on. Are there any light switches that just switch the smart light on/off without cutting the power to it. As i find it instant when the smart light switches on/off.
I know philips hue as a smart remote that controls the light? Can you control philips devices with a zigee deconz gateway? Are there any others?
I do have zigbee and zwave gateways.

I would like to have ‘instantaneous’ responses from the light bulbs if possible

Yes that works perfectly fine. I put one of the Hue Dimmer Switches next to each light switch and educated wveryone to use these instead of the physical switch.

There are many others from Xiaomi and Ikea for example.

Do they cut the power off the light or just ‘switch off’ the bulb?

They are just remote controls they are not wired to your bulb, so they don’t cut power to the bulbs.

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Fantastic, i’ll look into them! Thanks