Light transition not working - Simple light transition

I have got a bunch of smart lights (different companies) but all Tuya supported ones. Basically, I am trying a simple transition for sunset but tried all different way but no positive outcome. Can someone please help me, i am a newbie to HA.
alias: Sunset
description: “”

platform: sun
         event: sunset
         offset: "-00:45:00"
condition: []
  - service: switch.turn_on
    data: {}
      device_id: 37fa54e5286525ac503c640d24d08ed8
    enabled: false
  - service: light.turn_on
      brightness_step_pct: 100
      transition: 20
        - light.filament_bulb_3
mode: single

What exactly does that mean?

  1. The automation never triggers.
  2. The automation triggers but doesn’t execute any actions.
  3. The automation triggers but only turns on the switch, not the light.
  4. The automation triggers, turns on the switch, turns on the light but there’s no transition effect.

If it’s #4, are you certain the light supports a transition effect?


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Thanks for your reply,

  • it is the 4th option, transition effect doesn’t happen! Also, how do i tell if a light supports transition effect ? sorry for my ignorance

You can check the light’s specifications but I believe your automation just confirmed that the light doesn’t natively support the transition effect.

i see,…is there any work around for this problem ? thanks

Technically speaking, it’s not really a “problem”. The light simply doesn’t support the effect you want (i.e. like requesting a light to change color when it doesn’t support colors).

A workaround is to send a continuous stream of increasing brightness levels, with a one or two second delay between transmissions, to simulate the transition effect. There are existing posts on the forum that contain script examples. However the result isn’t always as smooth as native transitions and the stream of brightness commands can flood the lighting network thereby producing other problems. The best result is produced by a light that natively supports the transition effect.

:frowning: no worries, thanks for your detailed explanation. Yes, I did come across those scripts and did read about it’s cons.

I am having the exact problem. I use Philips hue bulbs with a conbee 2 overz2mqtt.

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Me too. Since version 2023.1.x

I opened an issue:

Can a dev check on it, many people report the same issue on github

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Issue over at GitHub has been triaged. I am facing the same issue now since I upgraded to 2023.10. Anyone else too?

Whatever I do, as soon as I call light.turn_on on a Zigbee light bulb with a transition, the light goes to 100% white and full brightness first.

Since I’m using it for an automated night light for my son, this behavior is unacceptable and makes the feature completely useless.

I need a fix!

I have same problem.

Testing here, I observed that the issue happens only when the service light.turn_on is called by an automation.
when call the service light.toggle, it’s works fine.

Then, to “resolve” my problem, i simple change in automation of turn_on to toggle and add the condition to call only if light is off.

I’ve had the issue with directly calling light.turn_on from development tools or a card as well. I’m not sure if it still persists, have to double check.