Light transition option not working with Lutron Caseta Integration

Hi. I run Hassio 0.103.5 on Rasbperry Pi 3 with Lutron Caseta integration via Caseta Bridge Pro. I have been very impressed by the ease of integrating with the Lutron add-on and on the responsiveness of light controls.

Out of the box, the Lutron Caseta system gradually decrease the light brightness when turning a light off directly from a Lutron Caseta switch. I have been trying doing the same in my Home Assistant automations using the Transition option, whether when turning light on or off, without success. Other options like the Brightness_pct works as expected.

As anyone experienced the same and knows how to make the transition work?


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noticing this same issue, any luck on your end? one hack i’m thinking about is to avoid transition and use a sequence of brightness_pct and delays.

Hi. No I never succeeded in making the Transistion option work. Let us know if you find a workable alternative.

I got an very mediocre version working using a sequence of brightness_pct actions with short delays.

I haven’t tried patching my build yet but I think this approach will probably yield the much better results (and I don’t know if I know why the diff was outright rejected since I don’t think my Lutron Caseta have a sticky brightness setting like is claimed)

Anyways, planning to dive in to the source code at some point.

Looks like it is being added:

looking forward to using this.