Light TS110E Zigbee device status is changing while device stays off

Hello All,

I have some weird behavior of two switches (TS110E). I am switching these devices with a motion sensor. Tried the blue print - motion sensor as well as a simple automation based on the occupancy status. The strange thing is, that the status of the entity is turning to ON after the light is switched off, WHILE the light is still OFF.

In the log:

  • Light switched ON by automation
  • Light switched OFF by automation
  • Light switched ON

Running on ZHA.

What is triggering the lights to switch ON? No other automations are used for these devices. Or where can I find more debug detail?

Thanks for the help


Same Problem.

I found out that when I Read the On/OFF Endpoint
OnOff (Endpoint id: 1, Id: 0x0006, Type: in) and then the
on_off (id: 0x0000)

it toggles the state but not the light to on.