Light turn off by accident if no montion

Hi All,

I have an automation which will turn of the light if there is no motion for 15 mins. However, if I sit in the soft, it will be triggered. I am using xiaomi motion sensor. I understand this is because the motion sensor didn’t detect the motion from me if I sit without any actions. Is there any more conditions or methods which can improve the detection?

Talking the power consumption of modern LED lights, the easiest method is to simply extend the no-motion time to 1 hour.

You could use a bluetooth tracker to detect the presence of your phone. For example using
By placing one “bridge” in each room, you can determine in which room each Bluetooth device is.
This, of course, only work if you have your phone with you, or a smart watch.

What are you doing while sitting? If you are watching TV, you could add a condition that only turn off the light if the TV is off. If the TV is on, you can assume someone is in the room. The same work with a computer (if you always turn it off or put it in standby when not in use).