Light.turn_on with transition parameter works but shows as off

Hi Team,

I’m trying to slowly turn on a light to a given brightness by calling the light.turn_on service with the following parameters:

{ “entity_id”:“light.ge_14294_inwall_smart_dimmer_level”, “brightness_pct”:“50”, “transition”:“5” }

The light turns on, but the switch UI in the front end still shows as off. Furthermore, the entity’s state remains off in the States screen, and has no “brightness” parameter.

If I then issue another service call for light.turn_on without extra parameters:

{ “entity_id”:“light.ge_14294_inwall_smart_dimmer_level” }

Then the UI looks correct (switch graphic is on, slider at 50%). State of the entity now shows “on” with parameter “brightness”: 126.

Is this some bug with the initial light.turn_on call not setting the correct state even though the it seems the right zwave commands are sent and light set correctly?

I should add that i’m running 0.55.0


Slight update. Watching the zwave logs it looks like the refresh happens before the transition period completes, then no further updates. Assuming I’m on the right path, can some code be added to do the refresh at something like “transition time + 3 seconds”?