Light turns off by itself

I have a z wave light that has been automatically turning off. I don’t have any automations on it.

Log shows light turned off by light.turned_on.

Looks like a rogue automation.

I’ll look again. I don’t any automation on that light at all.

Could be a button on one of your dashboards as well.

I had that problem once and it was an Aeotec Multisensor 6 that a light had somehow was grouped together with the motion sensor so when it sensed motion it would turn on lights.

Since that doesn’t go thru Home Assistant I wouldn’t expect HA to report it in the logbook, but :man_shrugging: it is posible.

Ah sheesh I think I figured it out. It was an automation I used to change the led on the switch. I disabled it so far so good. Sorry for the silly question. I overlooked it.

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