Lightbulbs turning themselves on and off randomly during the night

Very strange. I only have two active automations: “Living Room lights on before sunset” and “Turn off downstairs lights” (triggers at 00:23). Recently though (perhaps after an update of HA a couple of weeks ago) the lights have been on in the morning. The logbook shows the lights going on and off throughout the night. It only impacts the living room lights. I have other Aqara lightbulbs around the house that are fine. Any thoughts please as to what the issue might be? Thank you

We will need some more detail from you. For example:

  • What make/model of blub are they?
  • What protocol do they connect with (zigbee, zwave, wifi, bluetooth).
  • What integration are they coming into HA via?
  • Are they connecting to HA via a separate hub?
  • Can they be controlled via other apps & services outside of HA.
  • Can a default behaviour be set for when the devices go online? They seem to be going unavailable regularly too. Maybe the default behaviour is to turn on, rather than resume the previous state?

That would be my guess as there is no context in the logs indicating they were turned on by a Home Assistant automation or user. It is something external to HA, and the repeated unknown states beforehand are a dead give-away.

is this a typo?


Did you mean ?

  - platform: time
    at: "23:00:00"
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Thanks all

They are Aqara LED Light Bulb (Tunable White). They connect with my Aqara Zigbee Hub which connects into HomeKit, and these are then added to HA as Homekit Devices. I can also control them via Homekit or Aqara app. The logs for the device from Aqara app do not show the bulbs turning on.

I can not see any way to set the default behavior for when the devices go offline. I have however had these bulbs in HA for at least a year and only observed this behaviour recently, probably around the time I upgraded HA

Strangely, this behaviour I am seeing only happens overnight. The bulbs do not randomly turn on during the day

Liquid_cooled, I mean 00:23. As in, 23 minutes past midnight.

In the screenshot from the Aqara app, the “Off” correlates with me asking Siri (on my homepod) to turn the living room lights off.

That is one convoluted set up. You know you can connect them directly to Home Assistant?

Anyway search your homekit and aqara app automations. It’s not Home Assistant.

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