Lighting automation ERROR, scenes do not seem to save

Hi All,

I am a newbie to HA so please be patient. I’m trying to use scenes to automate lighting when motion is detected at certain times of day.

Firstly, I have been through each scene with a fine-tooth comb setting/saving them multiple times so I am 100% sure they are correct. A few scenes I have are:

  1. Purple light - Nighttime Mode
  2. Warm white light - Daytime Mode
  3. Cyan blue light - Workout Mode

Then I set up automations based on my motion sensors (Aqara) and time of days, so if its after 8AM/before 8PM it turns onto Daytime Scene, Else it turns to Purple.
I have an NFC tag that triggers the Workout Mode scene.

Ok, so the problem here is… the automations work perfectly…
until I set the light with a manual operation or Via NFC workout mode.

^ When I go back in the room later it doesn’t automate to the scene chosen Warm white Daytime Scene, it just turns on the last setting of Workout mode in Cyan.

I have adjusted the scene multiple times but EACH TIME I SAVE AND GO BACK INTO MY SCENE IT SHOWS THE LIGHT OFF, NOT ON.

I also am not coding in YAML I am just using the Home Assistant UI.

My set up is a Raspberry Pi 4B with Zigbee devices.

Any help would be massively appreciated.