Lighting hierarchy explained

i recently moved from occasionally playing with HA OS in a VM on my main desktop to having an always-on NUC running docker with HA, ESP32 and a bunch of hardware. how exciting.

around my desk i have 4x ws2815 strips, one under a shelf above (TOP, 60 pixels) one each under shelves either side of my monitor (BOTL 30 pixels, and BOTR 30 pixels) and one over the window to the side (WIN 60 pixels). The led strips are connected to a Wemos D1 Mini clone (ESP-DESK).

i have made a light partition combining BOTL and BOTR into BOTCOMBO (60 pixels) so that i have three equal sized fixtures and effects may be co-ordinated.

i have a light group called Strip Lights which comprises TOP BOTCOMBO and WIN.

i’m trying to make 2 simple scenes to switch between and am getting frustrated. i set the lights how i want them and save the scene, then i change the lights and save a new scene. i activate one scene, all is good. i activate the other, and one of the fixtures ignores me. all fixtures are controlled by ESP-DESK so it is the only device in the scene.

i suspect the problem is that the same pixels are represented in eg BOTL and BOTCOMBO and Strip Lights, and anyway i have some other questions so can we have a little chat about how to handle hierarchies of nested entities/groups etc?

for example, day-to-day i don’t really want to deal with BOTCOMBO let alone BOTL, i mostly just want to activate scenes which involve them. also, in all apart from MAX-BRIGHT scenes i want to set a brightness offset between TOP and BOT-COMBO because TOP can be too bright.

so, with some reference to my particular use-case (mostly because i’ve established some id’s to refer to) how can we optimally establish relationships between light fixtures?


Show your scene and light group configs.

i’ve already deleted them all and started again…

i was more hoping for general advice and conversation about how to approach having physical lights which are subsections of logical lights which are subsections of light-groups, and how to control them without creating conflicts or redundancy

Segments should be separate light entities that you can control how you want. At least they are with WLED.