Lightning strikes nearby

Would it be possible to extract information about nearby lightning strikes from those websites:

Do you have any kind of automation in mind?

Thanks, this is better than nothing, but also, as @FezVrasta said, it would be very nice to be able to make automations, like switching off electrical devices when there’s a thunderstorm nearby.

In that case you should check if they provide a REST API of any kind

Yeah, sorry I misunderstood what you wanted. The data would be much better than an image.

Still appreciate your post - as ive said, image is better than nothing and you’ve made an effort to give a working solution.

I am also looking for real time lightning data, this is for an automation to switch off my robot mower power (and the electrified garden perimeter wire) when a storm is close by

I have only starting research but was just looking for Lat, Lon and time of recent strikes, by creating a five mile zone around my house I should be able to trigger an event if the strike appears in the zone


this feed appears to have the necessary data

Any Progress on this? Summer is here and I’d love to have a lightning detector for TTS to let everyone know a storm is approaching.

I would like this so that I could paly an audio file on my outside speaker when we are in the pool.

My vision for this is detect lighting within 10 miles and have an automation pull in a contact closure. I can then use the contact to play an audio file on my outside spakers to get people out of the pool.

Data has always been the hard part, but thanks to @DaveB, it looks like we have a source. I can begin work on a component.

How would everyone envision this working? I’m imagining that based on configuring:

  • your lat./lon.
  • a radius around that lat./lon,
  • a time window

…you’d get a sensor that shows you how many lightning strikes there have been. Example: 5 strikes in a 10 mile radius within the last 5 minutes.

The time window is going to be important; since this isn’t a public dataset, per se, we need to be respectful of not querying it every 30 seconds. I may enforce some minimum time window.


I’ve reached out to the owner of WWLLN to get his blessing, thoughts on a HASS component, etc. – assuages my conscience. :laughing: Will report back when I hear from him.

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Week and a half with no response. If we don’t hear back by mid-next week, I’ll move forward with an integration, give it respectful limits, and off we go.


That sounds perfect.

Alrighty, moving forward. I’ve created aiowwlln, a Python library to interface with this data:

Going camping for the next few days, but when I return, I’ll start working on a Home Assistant integration. :+1:


PR officially submitted:


Works great. However, the docs state it’s updated every 5min. However source says otherwise. I am assuming it’s hard coded to not abuse the data provider?

Also, is the data source 30min delayed?

Do you have some integration examples for it ? as I added the WWLLN section in my configuration file of HA but I don’t see any new variables or anything in HA ! My Lat/Long is already setup with my location in my config file too !


You probably have to wait till a lightning strike occurs in the defined area.

Just enabled this - what new entities should it produce? I don’t see any errors in the log, but can’t find any new entities attributable to this integration.