Lightning strikes no longer appear on the map :-(

i use blitzortung to get info on nearby thunderstorms. in older versions of home assistant the lightning strikes used to appear on the map, but not anymore. why is that? is there something i can do about it?

is that a bug report? if so, i hope it gets fixed.

i just updated to version 1.3.2. lets see if those strikes appear on the map again…

Yes, the map now works again and the errors in the log are also gone with 1.3.2.

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i just checked, and i can’t see any lightning strikes on the map. IOW, it has not been fixed.

Do you have any lightnings right now? For me it works.

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Nope, still doesn’t work. No idea why.

Btw, what map is that, and how did you change it?

This is my map config but it also works on the default map dashboard.

aspect_ratio: '16:9'
dark_mode: false
default_zoom: 14
  - entity: person.rob
  - entity: zone.home
  - all
hours_to_show: 48
type: map

is that supposed to go in configuration.yaml? if not, where should it go?

Create a new dashboard and put it in.

ok, i got the lightning strikes back on the map. but i was surprised to see circles in different colors. do those colors mean something, or is it just some interesting effect?

Good question. I don’t know. You could ask the author.