Lights auto adjusting when turned on

I’m having a strange issue (actually I’m not sure if its an issue or I’m misunderstanding) but basically when I turn on a group of lights (dining room say) they turn on full brightness and then dim to a unspecified amount even though there is no scene set. It seems to be going to one of my scenes for just the dining room, but i’m not sure why. I would imagine that the lights would go back to their last state (sort of how they work through the Phillips Hue app)

I’ve tried setting a bright scene, turning off the dining room and turning it back on and it does the same thing (goes full bright for .5 seconds then dims to about half) and I’ve tried turning them off/on from that point and the same behavior continues.

Is there a default brightness that the lights always return to when turned back on? Is this intended or am I missing something?