Lights effect: turn on lights one by one in a group/room

Especially in the Hallway, I’d like that when i turn on the lights, these turn on one by one to give the feeling that the path opens up in front of us.
Is there already a way to do that?
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As actions alternate between switching on and a delay

An alternative to scripts is a Template Light.

The advantage of a light template over a script is that is has state, level, temp, etc options.

So if you want to add the hallway lights as a button to a dashboard, you get state status shown and it still behaves as you describe with delay between actions.

[edit] options description

A template light is not an alternative to a script. You still need the script because you can’t define multiple actions in a teamplate light.
But I agree, if you need a state and switch for all lights, you can additionally use a template light.

You can also do it in an automation by adding delays of milliseconds

A script is just an action. It is personal preference on how you proceed.

Yes you can define multiple actions.

[edit] be sure to define multiple actions with the yaml array syntax '- ’ and you’ll be fine. Have numerous light templates like this.

Thank you for your replies.
I’ve tried with automations and delay; it works great.
But… I should have explained more my situation.

I have Fibaro FGS223 switches
and Ikea tradfri leds, using Deconz Phoscon

If I turn on the switch, all lights immediately turn on since they got physically powered on.
I guess the good aspect of it is that my lights will still turn on even if my Home Assistant is down or the link with it is down. I could have wired so all the leds are always powered on and the Fibaro switch is only a “home automation” trigger/switch but I’d prefer avoiding having to reopen and change the wires, and I like the idea that my lights will always work even if my home assistant is down for any reason.
I’ve just thought about an idea (just an idea; I don’t know how to do it); would it be possible to parameter so that pressing once on the switch will just trigger the on/off in home assistant but keep the actual power to the leds, and so that pressing twince will really power on/off physically?

I’ve tried to turn the leds off, then the switch off, and see how it goes when i turn the switch on, but still the leds get turned on immediately

Do you have ideas to solve this?

Would there be a way to disable the physical powering using the physical switch S1 (S2 not in use anyway) so that the physical button is used only for firing the lightning via HomeAssistant?
So it’s actually always keep the leds powered on physically - so they can be turned on via the HomeAssistant automation?

I think I should create a new topic since my situation with fibaro switches and tradfri leds is specific and goes aside the automation of lightning lights with delay