Lights in one room turn on again by itself with light.turn_on

I have a strange issue with the lights in my living room. No issues with any other room where I have Zigbee based lights (almost everyhwere) only in the living room. Everytime after I turn the lights off (there are 4), one of the lights turns on by itself. Most time its the same, but sometimes they switch between one of the two.

In the history report it only shows that the light was turned on by the Service light.turn_on, no automation or anything. I switched from ZHA to Z2M some time ago and the issue stayed the same. So same behavior with both ZHA and Z2M.

Any Ideas whats going on here? Last night that even happend 2 times, normally its just one. So I woke up to the light still being on (again)

Same here with one of my light in the entrance. In the logs it’s only Switched on. Im using z2mqtt!
Has anyone a idea?

Little push here, problem still exists. Nobody got an Idea? That behaviour also only occurs in that one room. Also checked for areas in the devices, also none set.

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In both cases HomeKit turned the Deckenfluter off with Set state 0 and Dienst light.turn_on switched it on again about ten seconds later. Coincidence?

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In that case, yes. Beauvoir was the same using only the HA companion app. In the meantime, I found the issue. Somehow the problem was generatet by Adaptive Lightning, I deleted the group, set it up from scratch and now the lights also stay off.

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Thanks a lot, I will test it right now. First I had the problem only with one Lamp, now there are several in the house. Will you report it back to adaptive lighting?

Tbh I completely forgot about that. And I dont have any log files anymore from that time, otherwise I would

@exen904 - How did you identify Adaptive Lighting being the cause? I have the same issue with philips hue and I do not have Adaptive lighting installed.

Pure coincidence, it was the only thing left that was controlling the lights that I did not take hands on