Lights On for some time with a switch


I move over from the more or less insane fhem crap to home assistant these days. Unfortunately, I am not finding things like “on for X Minutes” for lights for example or I am trying very wrong way.
I want to make a tablet for whole house control and there some switches like pressing means on for 10 Minutes or switch of after x minutes. I think this is easy possible but I dont have a clue.

Do you want the light to always behave like that, even when switched on at the light switch, or do you only want it to behave like that from the tablet?

Read these pages:

And you should easily be able to set up that.

From tablet or whatever. So when I press the switch in the wall (mqtt) it siwtchs on but from far away I like to have it on for X minutes. A tablet switch for make lights for 10 minutes woukd be cool but a kind of krank for 1-20 minutes would be nice.

In that case I would go with the script implementation. See the 2nd link @Danielhiversen’s reply. The script would turn on the light, have a 10 minute delay, then turn off the light.

Ah, great!
I try this out and make a small script for that.

Thanks alot!