Lights randomly flash zigbee2mqtt

I recently purchased 2 Muller Light lamps. (are in a group) I connected this via Zigbee2MQTT to an IKEA Remote.
The strange thing is that they don’t burn stably. They go to x (random) number of seconds at full power (flash) and then the lamps go back to the position in which they should be lit.

My other lamps and switches (IKEA only) are connected to the IKEA Gateway. This works completely as it should. The Gateway and the Zigbee stick Texas_Instruments_TI_CC2531 are separate (different space)
I am using the latest version of Home Assistant.

If anyone has an idea or needs more information, please let me know.
Thank you very much for thinking along!

Have you captured any log snippets when the bulbs go rouge?

There is a Z2M forum that may offer better help/suggestions on this. as it seems to be a Z2M issue, perhaps.

I found the issue, I got an interference with my WiFi. I disabled my WiFi 2,4Ghz band, problem solved.
Now is one problem solved. 6 new problems. How to connect my iPad etc…