Lights Randomly Turning On Every NightLight

Hi guys,

I have a bizarre issue. The guest in my home was reporting that some lights keep turning on every night around 9pm. I finally checked the logs and surely enough there are 4-6 lights that seem to be turning on ever night:

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 1.36.41 AM

My setup is like this: ISY994 → HomeAssistant (Via official ISY plugin) → HomeKit (via HomeAssistant Plugin)

I don’t have ANY automations set on either my ISY994, in my HomeAssistant, or in my HomeKit that would turn on this random collection of lights. This all started on Juy 7th and has been happening every day since.

Is there any way I can figure out WHO is issuing these commands? Is it the ISY directly? Is it my HA, or HomeKit? I can see the lights turning on in the Home Assistant log but I need to figure out who is ISSUING the actual command to turn the light on.

Is there any way I can find out who issued the command? (An automation in Home Assistant, the HomeKit Plugin, etc…)? It’s driving me insane!

Look in the Home Assistant logbook (not system log) that has context that may identify the culprit.