Lights - Switchs, Groups, and Areas

Is it possible to ascribe a unique ID to a light that is based on the group or switch platforms?

In my my config, I have serval light entities that are based on either the group or switch platforms. I would like to add these entities to an area, but that requires that the entity have a unique ID.

I know that previously only physical devices could be added to areas, but I am hoping with the recent change (2020.12 I think) that now allows for entity level assignment to an area that this is now possible.

Here is a portion of my light config.

- platform: group
  name: Declan Lamp
  - light.declan_lamp1
  - light.declan_lamp2

- platform: switch
  name: Dining Cabinet
  entity_id: switch.dining_outlet
- platform: switch
  name: Master Entry
  entity_id: switch.master_bed_entry

- platform: switch
  name: Master Uplight
  entity_id: switch.master_bed_uplight

- platform: group
  name: Game Counter
  - light.game_counter1
  - light.game_counter2