Lights Turn Off with Transition = Lowest Brightness saved

When i turn off a Light (with Brightness 100%) and turn it off via

    service: light.turn_off
      transition: 3

the Light has the lowest Brightness saved. If i turn it on again, it is at Brightness 1.
This is especially problematic with lights, that get turned on/off hard/wallswitched (Power cut and on again).
Is there a way to turn off Lights with transition, while they keep the Brightness they had before the Transition took place?

And/or - in some of my Use-Cases that might be even better - is there a way to program my Lights (Zigbee/Conbee II) to always turn on with max Brightness, not with the last Setting?

But most important might be a way to turn off Lights with Transition, without altering the stored Brightness-Value.

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Nobody faced that Problem? :thinking:
Any Ideas how to use Transitions for light.turn_off while preserving the last set Brightness?

If you transition off the light brightness ramps down to 0.

So 0 is the last brightness.

If you want some other value you will have to specify that when you turn the light on.

That was my Fear. I was hoping there is a Workaround to e.g. store the value for next Turn-on on the Device itself, updating it for a ms to the initial Brightness before turning off, using a Zigbee-Implementation rather than ramping the Values…
So no Transition for my Wall-Switched Lights :frowning:

Thanks anway for clarifying and confirming! :slight_smile:

Just commenting here to say that I just ran into this exact issue. I go to bed and the lights off with an automation. When someone wakes and presses “on”, it comes on to the lowest brightness. Trying to work out logic to resolve this.