Lights turned on randomly

Today a bunch of my lights turned on at the same time seemingly randomly:

It is a pretty random grouping of lights, not even all the same tech and they all say ‘turned on by Home Assistant Cloud’. Also, there is no other event that happens that would have triggered as can been seen in the log.

How can I troubleshoot how that happened?

Have you checked the log book (by default in the left hand nav)?

Yes, that is where the screen shot came from. I don’t see anything that explains it.

Maybe something with google/alexa? Some routine triggering it?

I have no routines set up in Google

Can you check your google assistant activity? Maybe you can see there spoken command, maybe because of radio/tv …

This just happened to me, exactly the same: “[light] turned on by Home Assistant cloud.” None of my automations touch one of the lights, so I’m very curious what it possibly could be.

Did anyone ever figure this out? I have one light that is affected by this.

This just happened to me a couple times, any ideas? Thanks

It happened for me also, the problem was from the Google Assistant, I called the assistant and then I aborted the command but GA had another idea :slight_smile: I checked the logs after and the time stamp is the same.
You can check the Google Assistant logs here: (filter for date and Service).

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 16.18.47

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Hi, just had the same issue and is not google home, i don’t have any activity at that time.
i just hope we did not exposed access to HA by integrating a lot of 3rd party stuff.

Having the same issue for about two weeks now. Random triggerings by Google Assistant, typically at the same time each day. I will be doing nothing and then boom lights turn on. Usually the same 10 lights. I have no automation set up for this. Checked Google and it does not even have an activity in the log. Home Assistant DOES have an activity logged, but it is logged by Home Assistant Cloud and not Google Assistant. Has anyone had any luck figuring this out yet?

I just discovered my system randomly doing this too. Eventually tracked it down to an Alexa routine that was turning on lights at sunset. I certainly don’t recall setting up this routine and it only started happening in the past few days

I get exactly this as you’ve described. Did you ever work it out? I’m using Google Assistant and I’ve seen in the HA logs that this is the culprit (although not logged by Google Assistant).